What is ICAN²

International Corporate Alumni Network is your go-to online and offline resource to discuss all corporate alumni management
related topics. A network of net-workers, hence “squared”. The network offers high level thought leadership, events, knowledge
sharing opportunities and the ability to connect with like-minded professionals all in one international network.

How did this initiative come to be?

During recent discussions between SAP and IntraWorlds, the organizations came to the same conclusion: there’s a demand for an international network for alumni managers. So, we decided to join forces to create exactly that. The network is not exclusive to IntraWorlds and SAP clients, so feel free to share the news. Stay tuned for the official online network launch!


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Don’t miss ICAN² Conference 2019 on Tuesday, December 3 in NYC. A highly interactive event focused exclusively on corporate alumni topics. The conference will focus on collaborative workshops, panel discussions and presentations – brought to you by IntraWorlds, SAP and Conenza.

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